BGaming makes Fruit Million a multiskin game

BGaming updates its Fruit Million game by adding a brand new feature to the slot game

Released by the popular Belarusian casino software provider BGaming, Fruit Million is famous not only for being an extremely delightful and vibrant slot game, but also as a first chameleon style. What does it mean? Perhaps, you may noticed that many slot developers as holidays keep getting closer release revamped versions of their popular titles. But the guys from BGaming decided to do it the other way around: instead producing dozens of clones they released a so-called chameleon game. The main feature and the reason why it’s called so is that this type of games automatically change their theme according to the time of year and upcoming holidays.

For example, their Fruit Million pokie has eight designs: Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, Oktoberfest and Halloween. As for periods when there are no holidays, the game reverts into its basic look. As New Year gets closer and closer, now Fruit Million player can enjoy the Christmas version of the game. However, recently the slot provider decided to give punters a chance to manually select what kind of game they want to have. To change the edition you simply have to click on the chameleon button in the right upper corner of the game. That’s how players can have Christmas all year long. Apart from innovative feature the game delights pleasant visuals and is recommended to all fruit machine lovers out there.