Evolution has went live with its brand new live casino game show

The time has come! The long-awaited Evolution’s Cash or Crash live casino game show finally reached its final destination. Now players from all over the world can enjoy the latest product from the industry’s leader. Cash or Crash is a very interesting game especially thanks to its mind-blowing jackpot of x50 000 the stake. Also it’s an extremely easy to play because of its fairly simple concept. There is a 20-step ladder with amazing prizes that only increase as you progress throughout the game. To make things really exciting you will be constantly tempted to take all your winnings, bank half of them and proceed further, or gamble it all.

We’ve written a detailed review of this game some weeks ago, so if you want to find out more about this great game you can head over to that article. I only will add that there is a bingo-style machine and depending on the ball that gets drawn the outcome of the game is decided. A red ball will cause the game to end, while a green ball will move you up on the ladder. Meanwhile the golden ball will protect the player from the next red ball and can be perceived as some sort of extra life. Apart from jaw-dropping prizes this live casino game show also has one of the most generous RTP in the industry – 99.6%. You can play Evolution’s Cash or Crash online for real money (like in any other game show there is no demo mode presented) in any of these casinos. Just make sure you grab the best bonuses first.