Evolution Lightning Blackjack

Since the Lightning Roulette was released back in 2018 by the industry’s giant Evolution (that time it was called Evolution Gaming), it was only a matter of time when other iconic casino games will be re-designed accordingly. One year later the world saw Lightning Dice followed by the customized Baccarat in 2020 and seems like now, in 2021, it is turn for Lightning Blackjack. In case if you have missed the previously mentioned titles and don’t know what the deal is, here is the main idea of all Lightning products. Players get to play their favorite casino games, but with addition of tempting multipliers. This is the main selling point of all Evolution’s Lightning titles.

While this comes at cost of significantly increased house edge, the multipliers themselves are mind-blowing. If you haven’t played any Evolution’s Lightning games you can do that any time in one of these online casinos. As for Lightning Blackjack, here is a short list of all what we know about the upcoming game so far.

  • Like any other Lightning game out there, the Lightning Blackjack will allow an unlimited number of players to join the fun
  • The game is played with a manual dealing shoe of eight 52-card decks
  • As soon as four decks are dealt the shoe will get shuffled
  • The dealer must stand on soft 17
  • Also like in the Vegas version of the game, the dealer offers insurance when his face-up card is Ace and peeks for Blackjack
  • The Lightning Blackjack players are able to Hit, Stand, Double Down and Split
  • Side bets are unavailable in this game

Apart from the ante bet there is a so-called Lightning Fee which is required to play the game. It is equal to player’s ante. As you may have guessed, this is used to fund the generous multiplier payouts. Regarding other payouts, they follow the regular blackjack rules where you get paid even for beating the dealer and 3:2 in case if you have a blackjack. Multipliers range from x2 to x25 however there is one thing to keep in mind: getting multiplier is only half the battle. You have to win the NEXT game in order to receive a big prize. The claimed RTP of Lightning Blackjack is 99.59% which is as good as a regular live casino blackjack.

Unlike Playtech with its Quantum Blackjack, Evolution didn’t want to mess with game’s core by changing the rules to fit in the multipliers, so they kept it as authentic as it can be. That’s why the basic blackjack strategy can easily be applied to Lightning Blackjack as well despite all the multiplier extras. While we don’t have the exact date of the game’s launch you may rest assured that once it’s out it will be in every online casino from this list.