No more Rock Paper Scissors in live casinos

BetGames decide to close and remove from live casinos their Rock Paper Scissors game

As of today, BetGames is abandoning their Rock Paper Scissors live dealer casino game. When it was first released it looked extremely unique: everyone knows this childhood game, yet none of the leading game providers didn’t try to turn it into live casino experience until BetGames came up with their interpretation. However, despite the super simple concept that underlies this game, BetGames’ release didn’t look intuitive at all. For example, when you first join the game it may look like you see a table with two dealing positions. The first thing that most likely comes to people’s mind is that the game is about two hands playing against each other. However that’s fundamentally wrong. In fact, you can play both sides at the same time.

The reason why there are two sides is because this way players can choose how volatile they want game to be. For example, if punter bets on Silver side he gets his money back in case of Tie, while Gold side offers much higher payouts, but will pay significantly less if there will be a Push. The second confusing thing about BetGames’ Rock Paper Scissors game is that there is no defined paytable – payouts pop up when you make a bet. In case if you want to see them before you actually place the wager you have to highlight the coin value that you will be using. However, if you are going to place multiple coins you will have to do some manual calculations which is also confusing.

Therefore I clearly can see why the game didn’t become popular. However, if you enjoyed it, don’t get upset because something tells us that BetGames soon will cheer us up with some new exciting titles. Meanwhile you can try out other games like, for example, Evolution’s brand new Cash or Crash and Lightning Blackjack that offers players winnings up to x2 000 the punters’ stake.