Playtech brings us an enhanced version of Quantum Blackjack

There is no Quantum Blackjack anymore. Playtech has decided to relaunch its popular live casino game and brought us Quantum Blackjack Plus. As you may know, the whole game is all about multipliers and in the original version you could hit up to x1 000 the stake even though it was quite a rare thing. In case if you haven’t read our Quantum Blackjack Plus review then here is a small summary for you. The game follows regular BJ rules with one exception: the dealer pushes player’s winning hand if he busts with three cards. At the beginning of the game round up to five cards randomly get multipliers. Other than that it is a regular blackjack that we all know and love. But how Quantum Blackjack Plus differs from the original? Actually, there are a lot of changes.

  • Instead of eight decks of cards now there are only six
  • Only three or five cards are chosen each game round (in previous version it was up to five cards)
  • All cards now have the same multiplier value (x2.5, x3, x5 or x10)
  • The maximum multiplier has changed from x1 000 to x50 since now you have up to 5 multiplier cards in a single hand
  • Multiple multiplier cards in one hand aren’t multiplied together anymore – instead of that they are added together
  • The RTP has grown up to 99.57% from 99.47%
  • You can double right after the split
  • The RTP of side bets has been slightly reduced

What does it all mean for the player? To put it short, the game became much more playable. Now you will have more multiplier cards although the overall number of cards was decreased since now you will have two less decks than before. Also with addition of the new rules now you can be more flexible when it comes to basic blackjack strategy. For example, you can split tens to obtain a multiplier even if the dealer has a 6 as his face-up card. Yes, it still is a risky thing to do, but this time the payout is higher than ever. Make sure you check the enhanced and refreshed version of Playtech’s Quantum Blackjack in one of the following online casinos.


  • RTP was increased up to 99.57% from 99.47%
  • you can double down after you’ve split the cards
  • the player can experiment with basic blackjack strategy in favor of getting multipliers


  • now we have only six decks of cards instead of eight
  • the maximum multiplier now is x50 instead of x1 000
  • the side bets return rate was decreased a little bit